I was struggling in many aspects of my life and I needed help. When I first reached out for a counselor, I was nervous and apprehensive because I did not know what to expect. Joe answered my questions and he explained the counseling process. He eased my concerns and made it easier for me to come to that first session. Today, I am doing much better and I am glad I decided to make that phone call.

It was nice to have someone to bridge the gap between my parents and I. I felt I was given a voice and the fighting decreased in my family.

I was at a lost on how I could help my child. I felt hopeless and overwhelmed. When I reached out to Joe for help he normalized my feelings and I felt supported. He helped guide me through the steps in treatment and, through the tools I learned, I felt empowered that I could help my child. It was not an easy process but the rewards of seeing your child blossom was worth it.

I felt safe and supported. We created a game plan together and I felt I had a direction in my counseling. With each accomplishment, I felt stronger and when I left counseling, I felt ready to tackle the future challenges in my life.

Joe was there for me when I needed him. I could count on Joe and appreciated his support.

Joe helped us work together on a common goal in reuniting our family back together. He focused on our strengths and kept us working together when we wanted to give up.

Joe listened to both our sides equally without taking sides and gave each of us an opportunity to express ourselves. He helped us rebuild our relationship back up, one step at a time.

I felt Joe listened to our problems and helped us mold and accomplish our goals as a family. He was always available to answer our questions which I really appreciated.

I felt like I had someone I could talk to when I was getting nowhere with my parents. Joe was able to bridge the gap between us and my relationship improved with my parents.

Joe Pacetti, LCSW Testimonials

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